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Friday, 9 September 2016

Class 3 Individual with organization for e Tendering

IDL Team

Class 3B Individual with Organization for e Tendering

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate ensures convenient and enhanced Security in Filing E Tenders. A digital Signature Certificates authenticates the identity of the person filing the Tender Information. A Class 3 Digital signature Certificate provides highest Level of assurance in the RCAI (Root Certifying Authority of India) hierarchy setup under the Controller of Certifying Authority. An organization needs to obtain a class 3B digital signature certificate in the name of the authorized representative to submit the Bids and tender documents online. . Class 3B Digital Signature Certificate is issued only to authorize Individuals of an Organisation.
A signing Certificate ensures that the message is not tampered in transit and also verifies the identity of the person filing the Tender. An Encryption certificate encrypts the data in a cipher text so that only the intended Person can read the message.
Class 3a Individual certificates issued to individuals or devices and encompass primarily high end security-sensitive online activity.
Where it is used
  • E Tendering
  • E Procurement (Certain Site Require Encryption Certificates)
  • E Bidding
  • E Mail Signing
  • PDF Signing


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