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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

E tender last date is coming, hurry up... Last date of submission tender for....

IDL Team

e-Tendering made possible with Digital Signature Certificate.

Applying for a government tender online has many advantages. Since documents are uploaded to a central site, acknowledgements and receipts are provided immediately. Which is not the case with paper documents that need to be scanned and verified before being processed.
e-Procurement has gained significant popularity and acceptance as it brings greater transparency to the whole system. Among other benefits, it helps buyers and bidders overcome geographical limitations, reduce procurement cycles, and overall helps keep pace with present technology.
Any organisation that is looking to apply for any Government eTender needs to have a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate registered in the name of a representative who is authorised to submit online offers for e-Tendering applications.
S.Noe-Published DateBid Submission Closing DateTender Opening DateTitle and Ref.No./Tender IdOrganisation ChainCorrigendumView NIT
1.06-Oct-2016 10:00 AM05-Nov-2016 05:00 PM08-Nov-2016 02:30 PM[Jor Drain][04/EE/D.D.A./E-Tender/2016-17 Date 27.09.2016][2016_UPIDC_34068_1]U P Irrigation Department (Civil)||Chief Engineer-Externally Aided Project, Lucknow||Drainage Circle, Kanpur||DD, aligarh NIT
2.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Construction of Checkdam Kalyanpur-4][701/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34098_1]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
3.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Construction of Checkdan Barkatpur][701/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34098_2]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
4.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Construction of Checkdan Itra Mirauli][701/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34098_4]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
5.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Supply of Cement in Minor Irrigation Central Store Badokharkhurd Banda][699/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34095_1]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
6.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Construction of Checkdan Bakal][701/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34098_5]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
7.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM14-Oct-2016 12:00 PM15-Oct-2016 02:00 PM[widening and Strenthning of Bansi Nandour Khalilabad Road (S.H.-88) Ch. 17.00 to 32.00 and 34.00 to 39.300 Length -20.300 Km.) Under Twarit Arthik Vikas Yojana 2016-2017] [5678/18Yaat Basti Circle/16 dated 14-09-16][2016_CEGKP_34066_1]Chief Engineer Gorakhpur Zone PWD Gorakhpur UP||SE BASTI CIRCLE PWD BASTI NIT
8.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Construction of Checkdan Kharai-1st][701/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34098_6]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
9.06-Oct-2016 09:00 AM13-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 11:00 AM[Construction of Checkdan Naththupurwa][701/mibanda/nivida/2016-17 dt.27.09.16][2016_UPMID_34098_3]Minor Irrigation Department||Circle Jhansi||Division Banda NIT
10.05-Oct-2016 06:55 PM14-Oct-2016 02:00 PM14-Oct-2016 02:30 PM[Request for Proposal for Design, Development and Implementation of Application Software for Madhyanchal Vidhut Vitran Nigam Limited Lucknow][UPLC/Software /2016-17/041][2016_UPECL_34069_1]UP Electronics Corporation Ltd.||UPLC HQ NIT

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